Concrete Repair Series

Rapifast Thin

Rapid hardening high strength thin layer repair coat.

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid hardening: hardened in 1 – 1.5 hours, reduce disturbance to users
  • High fluidity: reduce application time
  • Application thickness: 0 – 10 mm
  • High compressive and adhesive strength
  • Single component: fixed mixing proportion, easy to handle for repair works
  • Shrinkage compensated: reduce the chance of shrinkage cracks
  • Monolithic bond adhesion and compatible to parent concrete
  • Durable: can be used in interior and exterior areas.
  • Non-toxic: environmentally friendly
  • No chloride content

EMIX Rapifast Thin – Product Sheet

Product Description

E.MIX RAPIFAST THIN is a thin layer rapid hardening coat for repair and surface make good. It hardens in 1 – 1.5 hour with high compressive and adhesive strength. The product can apply for 0 – 10 mm. E.MIX RAPIFAST THIN uses for filling cavities and unevenness on concrete, cement sand screed, self-levelling screed and wall rendering. It uses for make good surface and allows finishing cover in few hours.