Concrete Repair Series

Rapifast CS

Rapid hardening high strength waterproofing floor screed.

Features and Benefits

  • Formulated to comply with British Standard and Hong Kong Standard
  • Formulated to comply with Hong Kong Standard and British Standard
  • Waterproofing screeding
  • Rapid hardening: screed hardened in 1 hour, reduce disturbance to users
  • Single component: fixed mixing proportion, ensure the quality of work
  • Shrinkage compensated: reduce the chance of shrinkage cracks for thick layer and large area floor screeding
  • High fluidity: enhance large area screeding application speed
  • Monolithic bond adhesion and compatible to parent concrete
  • Self-compacted: avoid honeycombing and voids
  • Durable: can be used in interior and exterior areas.
  • Pourable and highly workable
  • Non-toxic: environmentally friendly
  • No chloride content

EMIX Rapifast CS – Product Sheet

Product Description

E.MIX RAPIFAST CS is a fast hardening floor screed. It is formulated to provide high early strength and final strength with low shrinkage. The application thickness can up to 100 mm. E.MIX RAPIFAST CS is made from fast hardening cement, anti-shrinkage agent and waterproofing additives, which develops high compressive strength within few hours, and allows bearing loading with minimum down time. The product is flowable that enhance the application of large area screeding. E.MIX RAPIFAST CS is waterproofing that is suitable to use in kitchen and bathroom renovation