March 26th, 2018

E.MIX Effloguard TF achieve a Gold rating from HKGBC Green Product Accreditation & Standards (HK G- Pass)

E.MIX HK Limited, specialist manufacturer in mortars and dry mixes in Hong Kong & China region has undergone an environmental assessment by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HK GBC).E.MIX Effloguard TF is the first cement based tile adhesive that has been awarded with a Gold label, which marks an important development both in terms of the Tile adhesive product range and as part of E.MIX’s sustainability and environmental policy credentials. The use of certified green products will also help to maximize credits for BEAM Plus building applications. Once again this highlighted EMIX’s truly look into environmental improvement in all aspects.


The HKGBC Green Product Accreditation and Standards (HK G-PASS), is a green building product labelling scheme launched by the HKGBC. The HK G-PASS offers standardized criteria to assess the environmental performance of various kinds of green building products, with a view to facilitating the public in making smart purchases of green building products.


E.MIX EFFLOGUARD TF is a high strength, deformable polymerized tile adhesive for all kinds of tiles installation. The product is made by low alkalinity binders which reduce the formation of efflorescence. It is suitable for low water absorption tiles for internal and external wall. Suitable substrates are concrete, cement plasters, gypsum boards, brickworks and ALC blockwalls.